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Hugz 4 Haiti supports the work of the Mission des Églises Baptiste Indépendant (MEBI) in northwest Haiti. MEBI was founded decades ago by Leslie Harris, a Jamaican missionary to Haiti, and his wife Leocardie, the daughter of a local pastor. Together they led MEBI in the establishment of churches, schools, subsistence farming projects, a medical clinic, and an orphanage. Today the medical clinic and lab serve 15,000 residents, while the elementary and secondary schools have 300 students enrolled in each and a 90% pass rate. Some children who grew up in the orphanage and were supported by Hugz 4 Haiti in their education are now serving the community as teachers, pastors, nurses, computer specialists, nurses, and a lab technician. $1800 per month provides salaries for 11 teachers; $2800 per month provides medicine for the clinic and salaries for 1 doctor, 2 nurses, 1 lab technician, and a custodian; and $2000 per month provides food, clothing, and shelter for orphans.

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