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Five ways you can be part of helping people transition out of extreme poverty: 


Be Informed: Sign up for our updates. Staying informed enables you to give more strategically, and pray more specifically. 


Focus on a Specific Project: Learn more about one project and the people involved in it. This will give you greater insight into how your donations are being used, and will invigorate your prayers. To learn more about a particular project, email 


Get Others Involved: Share updates with friends, post links on your social media, or invite Bright Hope for Tomorrow to give a presentation to your church or small group. 


Pray: Poverty will not ultimately be overcome through human ingenuity and initiative alone. Pray that God’s heart for impoverished people would shape our own hearts and actions, and pray for the specific people, situations, and initiatives that Bright Hope for Tomorrow is involved with. 


Give: Share some of your resources to support locally led, asset-based initiatives that help people transition out of extreme poverty.

Or Send Cheques to:

Bright Hope for Tomorrow Mission 

7 Drayton Cres, Brampton, ON  L6T 3G6


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