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Vision: Bright Hope for Tomorrow envisions communities in which extreme poverty is displaced by resilience, justice, well-being, economic sufficiency, and healthy relationships with self, others, the environment, and God.


Our Mission is to help people transition out of extreme poverty.


Our Approach: Community development is asset-based. This means that we help communities assess their own needs, identify their resources, and implement their plans toward a better future. We work with local churches and Christian leaders in the immediate context because of their intimate understanding of local realities, their relationships of trust with people in the community, and their Christian witness. Resources raised in Canada are offered in a spirit of partnership and mutual accountability, with a commitment never to impose our own agenda on those with less economic and social power.


Our Distinctives:

• Focused on people living on less than $2 per day

• Working through local churches and Christian leaders

• Asset-based

Our Projects

We work directly with local partners, and also with partnerships facilitated by our sister organizations Bright Hope International and Bright Hope World.

Haiti Anse Rouge

Anse Rouge is a community in the northwest of Haiti that has identified access to clean water as one of its greatest needs. Bright Hope for Tomorrow is presently in discussion with local leaders on the ground as to what type of project would be most appropriate in their context. A Haitian church in Ottawa, whose members are from the Anse Rouge area, is also involved in the envisioning and planning.

Hugz 4 Haiti

Hugz 4 Haiti supports the work of the Mission des Églises Baptiste Indépendant (MEBI) in northwest Haiti. MEBI was founded decades ago by Leslie Harris, a Jamaican missionary to Haiti, and his wife Leocardie, the daughter of a local pastor. Together they led MEBI in the establishment of churches, schools, subsistence farming projects, a medical clinic, and an orphanage. Today the medical clinic and lab serve 15,000 residents, while the elementary and secondary schools have 300 students enrolled in each and a 90% pass rate. Some children who grew up in the orphanage and were supported by Hugz 4 Haiti in their education are now serving the community as teachers, pastors, nurses, computer specialists, nurses, and a lab technician. $1800 per month provides salaries for 11 teachers; $2800 per month provides medicine for the clinic and salaries for 1 doctor, 2 nurses, 1 lab technician, and a custodian; and $2000 per month provides food, clothing, and shelter for orphans.

Bright Hope International Kenya

More than 43% of Kenyans live on less than $2 per day. Bright Hope International’s partner churches there facilitate job training, clean water projects, school scholarship programs, and savings groups among people trying to transition out of extreme poverty.

Bright Hope International Zambia

Nearly 60% of Zambia’s population lives on less than $2 per day. Bright Hope International has responded to this reality by partnering with local churches in Zambia whose community development projects include medical care, clean water, orphan care, education, microenterprise, sustainable agricultural, church resourcing and church leadership development.

Bright Hope World Foundations for Farming 

Foundations for Farming is a Zimbabwean organization that provides training in sustainable agricultural methods. A growing number of Bright Hope World partners in southern Africa are adopting the Foundations for Farming methodology, and are thereby helping families and communities gain greater food security. Since the training is grounded in Scriptural principles of creation stewardship and love of neighbour, it is a wonderful, Christ-centered way for people to be restored to healthy relationship with God, others, and their environment.

Bright Hope World Education for Orphans (Chisasa, Zambia) 

Martin is a secondary school teacher living in northwestern Zambia. He leads a group of Zambian Christians who are dedicated to helping orphaned children gain and education. Of the 200 children presently living as orphans in the Chisasa area, 32 are being supported through elementary and high school by this group.

Bright Hope World Sewing Centres (India and Pakistan)

Sewing is a valuable skill that can significantly increase a family’s income. In India and Pakistan, women who sew are sometimes able to earn even more than men who work as daily labourers. Bright Hope’s partners there provide sewing training to women in small groups, and those who complete the training receive their own sewing machine. Most are then able to contribute to the family income, and some have obtained relatively well paid jobs in sewing factories in larger cities. One centre started a small business. 

Most of those trained are Christians but others are free to come as well, and the relationships that are made help to break down barriers between Christians, Muslims, and others in the community.

Fundraising Goals and progress

2022 Fundraising Goals:  

Total: $110,200

• Bright Hope World Sewing Centres: $12,100 ($7,600 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Bright Hope World Education for Orphans, Chisasa, Zambia: $5,500 (
$5,500 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Bright Hope World Foundations for Farming: $8,600 (
$0 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Bright Hope International Zambia: $52,000 (
$15,293 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Bright Hope International Kenya: $5,000 (
$0 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Hugz 4 Haiti: $12,000 (
$5,320 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)
• Haiti Anse Rouge: $15,000 (
$950 Raised as of Aug 31 2022)

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