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April Update

Sewing Centres are a Lifeline in Pakistan

MW is a widow in Pakistan who used to work as a housemaid earning less than US$50 per month. With three children in school, you can well imagine how difficult it was for her to make ends meet. Things got worse when, during the pandemic, she lost her job and had to rely on food relief from EGM (Evangelistic Gospel Ministries), Bright Hope's partner in Pakistan, to feed her children.

EGM, though, doesn't only provide food relief. They also offer job skills training through their sewing classes. MW joined the class and has since found employment in a garment factory earning more than $150 a month. She is deeply grateful to not only have tripled her income, but to be in a healthier and safer work environment. You can read more about EGM's work and the women they have helped by visiting Bright Hope World’s website here:

Haiti Update

Amid chaos and violence, Hugz 4 Haiti continues to support 200 children from vulnerable families in elementary and secondary school. Over the last 5 years, their clinic and lab have also helped significantly reduce the number of children who die during birth. We are so glad that in January and February we were able to help transport $5600 worth of essential supplies to Créve so these vital programs could continue.

Bright Hope Zambia Update

Over the last couple of weeks we have had a team from Elmira in Zambia installing a feed mill on Mbabala Island. Once the mill is up and running, it will enable local farmers to save around 30% on their feed costs, while generating income for the Christian Farmers Association, and creating local jobs. I'm looking forward to sharing more in our next update!


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