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Expanding the Natoot Farm in Turkana, Kenya!

Crippling cycles of drought, prolonged isolation and under-investment, have made Turkana, in northern Kenya, one of the most impoverished regions on earth. Over the past five years, though, a remarkable oasis has emerged here. In 2018, Bright Hope partnered with a local Kenyan church to create the Natoot Farm, where 135 families now cultivate their own plots of land.  Some church members teach apprentice farmers how to read, which is vital in the marketplace when negotiating with customers who want to purchase their fruits and vegetables. Other church members offer encouragement, bible teaching, and discipleship.

Sustainable agricultural practices, together with the installation of solar powered water pumps, high capacity storage tanks, and a reliable drip irrigation system, have transformed Natoot into a place filled with lush greenery, producing an abundance of succulent fruits and vegetables. Hunger is being averted, and incomes are growing.

Recently, the Farm was gifted 13 additional acres, which is enough land for 150 more families to farm! This new land stands ready and waiting to be developed into fruitful farmland, once enough seed funding is raised. It costs $450 per family to install irrigation and water storage, and to provide the essential training in literacy and sustainable agriculture. We're hoping to raise at least $5500 of that here in Canada. It would be wonderful if you could help that happen!


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